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Lexus Transmission Services in Bridgewater Township, Serving Summit, NJ

Our commitment to SERVICE by Lexus excellence includes comprehensive Lexus transmission maintenance and repair. We employ certified technicians who acquire Lexus transmission expertise from hands-on experience performing transmission services for Lexus models, including the ES, RX, NX, RC, IS, etc. We restore transmission systems to factory specifications with genuine Lexus parts engineered and installed with meticulous attention to detail. Read more about certified Lexus transmission services, check the specials to pay less for certified Lexus transmission maintenance or repairs, and schedule your appointment at Lexus of Bridgewater.

Lexus Transmission System Maintenance & Repair

Lexus owners enjoy smooth-shifting, reliable, long-lasting transmission systems that deliver engine power as variable torque to drive wheels. Whether your Lexus has an automatic or manual transmission system, it needs fluid exchange service when recommended in the owner’s manual. We provide transmission repairs as needed, starting with a diagnosis for troubleshooting. Contact us for your Lexus model’s factory-scheduled transmission fluid exchange and as-needed repairs at Lexus of Bridgewater.

  • Transmission Inspection – If your vehicle’s transmission is showing signs of trouble, from difficulty shifting to odd noises to a slipping transmission, our certified technicians can inspect the transmission to find the root of the problem.
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange – All transmission fluid acts as a lubricant, and automatic transmission fluid also serves as a coolant; when this fluid gets old, it’s important to have it changed in order to keep your transmission functioning.
  • Transmission Replacement – While transmissions can sometimes be repaired, it often ends up being less expensive to simply replace a damaged or worn transmission entirely; our expert technicians can replace your transmission here.

Certified Lexus Transmission Services Near Hillsborough Township, NJ

Lexus owners near Bridgewater Township, NJ, can trust us for all-inclusive transmission care. At the foundation of transmission maintenance and long-lasting life is fluid exchange service. Our certified technicians use the computerized transmission fluid exchanger to extract old fluid and install fresh OEM fluid to capacity. Transmission fluid exchange includes a thorough cooler line, gasket, and housing inspection. Transmission diagnosis identifies problems and provides the investigation necessary for repair/replacement recommendations. We repair minor transmission component degradation involving cooler lines, gaskets, clutches, and more. You might need a transmission replacement service for excessive degradation/damage.

Lexus Transmission Service

Schedule Transmission Service at Lexus of Bridgewater, Near Sommerville, NJ

Lexus owners near Bridgewater Township, NJ, can schedule transmission service appointments via the convenient and constantly available online scheduling tool. Call our friendly and helpful advisors if you have transmission service questions, and schedule an appointment. We have a comfortable customer waiting area with high-definition TVs, vending machines, and reading materials – magazines and newspapers.

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